There are so many opportunities and ways to help support the YWCA Great Falls’ mission. From volunteering time or advocating for survivors, to making a donation or sponsoring an event, we welcome and appreciate the generosity of our community members.


There are so many opportunities and ways to help support the YWCA Great Falls’ mission. From volunteering time or advocating for survivors, to making a donation or sponsoring an event, we welcome and appreciate the generosity of our community members.

Advocate for Survivors

We are constantly advocating for the rights of marginalized populations and the best resources available to us are the following.


Montana Board of Crime Control – The MBCC is the repository for the statistics that law enforcement agencies across the state collect. This website offers a number of crime reports, some of which are searchable by county and crime.

Montana State Supreme Court – The Montana Supreme Court Administrator’s Office publishes Montana judiciary’s annual reports, which provide information about cases tried before Montana courts. It reports numbers for domestic violence and a number of other crimes.

Domestic Violence Statutes

Sexual Violence Statutes

Montana State Legislature

Montana Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence

Great Falls Rising


Volunteering at the YWCA is what makes us who we are!

We rely on people power for everything we do – from our incredible board of directors to our lawn keepers and everyone in between. If you have a special talent/gift and would like to share it with the community or a small group, give us a call. We are always looking for new classes and new ideas.


Time working in the Y’s Buys Thrift Store
Building Maintenance/Painters
Window Washers
Meal Preparers
Social Media Gurus

Call 452-1315 or email us to tell us what you would like to help with.

Are you a high school or college student with extra time (and want some volunteer hours for your Resume)?

We have projects at the YWCA that you can help us with! From sorting shoes for our shoe drive to painting, our needs are always changing and ongoing.

Contact us today! 454-1315 or email Sand at


Did you know that your shoes can shelter women and children that have experienced violence? The YWCA Great Falls is facilitating a WIN/WIN/WIN program to:

  1. Raise funds through a Funds2orgs program to support the Mercy Home Shelter. All funds will support the women and children in the Mercy Home.
  2. Gather shoes for Funds2orgs to use to help micro-enterprises in developing nations and empower women. In these developing nations, shoes are the primary mode of transportation. We believe a HAND UP is more beneficial than a HAND OUT.
  3. Keep those shoes out of landfills and send them where none will be wasted. In the United States each year, over 600 million shoes go into landfills. The majority can still be worn. The shoes we collect will be kept from landfills in our country, and will help others in developing nations start micro-enterprises that will create sustainable incomes for their families.


If you have shoes to donate that are gently worn or new, bring them to a drop off site.

  • YWCA Great Falls, 220 2nd Street North
  • Albertson’s, 2250 10th Avenue South
  • One Main Financial, 3220 10th Avenue South
  • Realtors Association of Great Falls, 401 13th Avenue South
  • Cascade School
  • Belt Valley Grocery Store

For every 25 pairs of shoes you bring to the YWCA, we will enter you into a raffle to win a $100 Gift Certificate from Dragonfly Dry Goods! Yes, you can gather from work, neighborhood, church, etc. We will be happy to assist you with a drop box sign.

Raising Voices of Color – Participate in Government Leadership

The YWCA Great Falls program, Raising Voices of Color, encourages people of color to become involved with important discussions within our community by becoming city advisory board members as outlined by the Raising Voices of Color power point.

As we encourage people of color to apply for these positions, we recognize that the opportunity to apply may be equal, but, unfortunately, racial inequity does exist. The racial disparity issue between equality and equity is beautify depicted in the video clip, The Race. Although not all people of color experience the structural and social disparities mentioned in the film, it is important to recognize the racial inequities in our communities.

Because of these racial disparities, we respectfully offer our support as you navigate through the application process for becoming a city advisor. Please feel free to contact the Racial Equity Committee if you have questions. We also offer the following words of encouragement about the importance of your words, your voice and your choice to use them.

Raising Voices of Color – Business Leadership

If you and your co-workers are struggling to understand the problem of systemic racism and searching for the steps to create a more racially equitable environment, you are not alone. The YWCA Great Falls understands that the problem may appear complex and the solutions overwhelming. Our program, Raising Voices of Color Business Leadership, is assisting community employers and directors address this multifarious issue.

Join other program participants as we enter the difficult conversations on racism. Engage in the discussions that support the voices of our Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) community and, ultimately, lead to the dismantling of the racial divisions.

Agree to take two simple steps.

  • First, educate yourself and your employees. Learn the terminology. With mercy on your heart, listen to the story of systemic racism, its history, and its consequences.
  • Secondly, take action steps to correct past disparities and improve diversity and equity in the workplace environment.

We are asking leaders to sign the Business Leadership Letter of Support in which your business or organization will be committing to these two described steps.

To assist you, YWCA Great Falls has created a Resource List which includes racial equity literature, names of local racial equity speakers, training opportunities, and Montana organizations engaged in racial equity work. A good starting point, is the video Why we should never forget that WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER by Father Gregory Boyle.

This journey to racial justice will be bumpy but James Baldwin gently reminds us that, “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced”.

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact us.