An Order of Protection is a court order that requires someone to stop abusing or threatening to abuse you. It may order other things also, like your abuser to stay a certain distance away from you. If you meet the criteria, a judge will first issue a Temporary Order of Protection, which offers immediate protection and usually lasts about 20 days, the time it takes for the judge to set another hearing which both you and your abuser have the opportunity to attend. After this hearing, the judge may grant a Written Order of Protection, sometimes called a “Permanent” Order of Protection. Although referred to as “permanent” the judge has the ultimate authority to decide how long the final order will last and what the terms will be. This decision is based upon your unique situation. In these proceedings, you are call the “Petitioner” and your abuser is called the “Respondent”.

Address Confidentiality Info & Forms

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Orders of Protections – General

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Orders of Protections – Legal Documents

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Orders of Protections – Miscellaneous

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