You may find it helpful to speak to someone one-on-one who can understand what you are going through without judging you or your actions. Whether you just want to talk confidentially about your situation, discuss safety planning, get education and information about your partner’s patterns of abusive behavior or find out about other services and resources, our trained advocates are available to speak with you over the phone or to meet with you in person.

You do not have to be in shelter to speak with an advocate, and advocates will not try to “pressure” you to come into shelter if you are not ready to do so. However, an advocate can help you make sense of your feelings if you are in a relationship you think might be abusive, are trying to make things work, or have left your relationship.  This service is completely free, confidential and without obligation. It is provided to the community as part of Mercy Home and the YWCA’s joint commitment to eliminate community tolerance of domestic violence – along with the oppression that perpetuates it – and ensure dignity and justice for its victims.

Mercy Home is one of the only shelters in the state of Montana with advocates available to talk 24 hours a day.  You can reach us by calling (406) 453-1018 or toll-free 1-800-352-7449.