Remember that your abuser may be able to access information about your activities on the computer, including which files you’ve opened, which Web sites you’ve visited and any e-mail or chat messages you have sent or received. Your abuser may also have access to the numbers you have dialed on your cell phone or a calling card, particularly if he or she was the one who gave it to you. Be mindful of the following:

If you frequently use the same password or security questions, your abuser may be aware of these. Change your passwords often.

If your cell phone has a GPS chip in it, your abuser may be able to track where you are. Set your GPS settings to “E911 only”.

Mercy Home can provide you with a free cell phone from which you can call 911.

Be wary of you or your children posting anything on social networking sites, such as Facebook, that could reveal your location to your abuser.

For more information about technology safety, please call the YWCA at 452-1315, or a Mercy Home advocate at 453-1018.