Social Justice . . . What does it mean?

Until the great mass of the people shall be filled with the sense of responsibility for each other’s welfare, social justice can never be attained. ~Helen Keller

For years the YWCA has been advancing the quality of life for women of all ages, races, and faiths, and their families in the Great Falls and surrounding communities. We are launching a new initiative aimed at being a voice for equality and justice in Great Falls and Montana, with a current focus in the areas of:

  • Victim Advocacy for
    • Safe and affordable housing
    • Improved legal protection for victims of violence, including child witnesses/victims
    • Better access to and stricter protections of legal rights in domestic violence and sexual assault cases
    • Increase family violence education
    • Promote equal protection under the law for all victims of domestic violence
  • Financial Security for Families
    • Promote equal access to education and job opportunities
    • Encourage Social Security reform to protect financially vulnerable populations
  • Education about the Affordable Care Act
    • Promote access to health insurance

If any of these issues interest you, the YWCA Social Justice Committee might be a good fit. The Committee advocates on behalf of women and children based on the YWCA of Great Falls’ core initiatives in the following areas: Women’s Health and Safety; Racial Justice; Economic Justice; Safe and Affordable Housing; Children’s Advocacy. The Social Justice Committee works closely with other advocacy allies determined to protect vulnerable populations – specifically women and children – to address legislative opportunities during the State Legislative year and then to respond accordingly to these identified local, State, and Federal issues.

If you are interested in impacting your community in a positive, meaningful way, consider joining us on the YWCA of Great Falls Social Justice Committee. For more information, contact the YWCA at: 406-452-1315